We Buy Vinyl!

WE BUY VINYL!!! (12-6pm everyday)

We give folks the best offers possible because we know that will keep them coming back. Word of mouth has gotten around; people know they can come to us to be treated fairly. 

We offer competitive CASH OR CREDIT in case you want to turn that trade right around and spend it in the shop. 

We are interested in large or small collections!!!

If you have one 45 record, or 10,000 LP's give us a ring! 510.465.2559

We always have at least one buyer on hand at the shop to assist you. It's common for customers to drop off large amounts of records and we will give you a call when we are done so you don't have to wait around for us. 

We are available to look at your records any time we are open (12-6pm every day) but of course understand bringing in 50 LPs as we are closing will mean you'll get a call the next day when they are finished being assessed. 


Turntables we want: Anything that is still working, or just needs a new needle or new belt. 

Turntables we don't want: Crosley brand, old wind up victrolas, all-in-one units with CD players etc 

Receivers we want: Receivers with a phono input. 

Receivers we don't want: any with issues, we don't do repairs so if it's broken we don't want it.